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Hecate can be found at the crossroads, showing us the third way forward. She grants hidden knowledge and carries a flaming torch to illuminate the darkness of unknown paths. She possesses powers to affect change in places far beyond the here and now. When we are haunted by confusion and doubt, Hecate is the one that mediates wisdom from those that have passed before us. As the daughter of Asteria the Falling Star and Perses the Destroyer, she was granted power over heaven, earth and the sea.


When Demeter was wracked by grief over the abduction of her daughter, Hecate aided her in her search all the way to the court of Hades. After this Hecate became Persephone┬┤s close confidant and a minister in the underworld. She was allowed to go freely through the gate between the world of the living and the land of the dead. As a goddess of night and darkness she has a special connection to the waxing and waning moon and its reflected light that marks the rhythm and cyclic nature of all things under the heavens. If you happen to meet her face to face, it might be as a bright young girl, a compelling and radiant woman or a wise and ancient crone: she is three in one.


Her magic breaks the laws of normal reality, making her wisdom sometimes hew dangerously close to insanity. Thus, for all her gifts of power, knowledge and insight, her influence can also inspire vengeful rage and uncompromising righteousness, with only desolation at the end of the path.

Created: 2019

Total length: 1040 mm

Blade length: 890 mm

Blade width: 87 mm

Weight: 988 g

Point of balance: 127 mm from guard


Materials &Techniques: Blade is forged with 550 layers of 1084 and 15N20 steel in random thickness layers, manipulated for an undulating topography that is etched deeply to show a strong chatoyance. The iron of the hilt is carved with triskeles and triads. The grip is covered with bluish black sting ray hide. The ends of the guard have fangs of flames of textured sterling silver.

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