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Below you will find some examples of my work and new swords will be added over time. If a sword is not yet sold it will be marked as “Available”.

Concept swords in a time-less style will typically run from 30,000 USD and up, depending on complexity and materials used.

Reconstructions of historical swords or swords made within a historical style will also vary in cost depending on materials used and the complexity of their making but may cost less than the concept swords.

I normally make and sell swords on an available-now basis rather than taking commissions. Experience has shown that this results in the best swords and the most satisfaction for customers. Please contact me if you are interested in any available sword.


The titan Mnemosyne is the daughter of the sky god Ouranos and Gaia the Earth. She is the goddess of memory and the one who named all things and invented language. She is the mother of the Muses and is also considered to be the first philosopher. Her gift is the power of reason. Zeus understood her importance and allowed her domain to continue after the war between Olympians and Titans.


The war god Ares fears Athena as she, through her virtues of justice and skill, represents the intellectual and civilized side of warfare while he represents mere martial bloodlust on the battlefield.


The crescent bow Artemis wields is an emblem of the moon. Her archery is intuitive, but precise. The arrow travels swiftly, striking with the uncanny accuracy and the sting of the painfully revealed truth. She is the fierce maiden of steadfast integrity and shining beauty, with a dark and impenetrable heart.


Asteria is the titan goddess of prophetic dreams and falling stars. After the defeat of the titans Zeus chased her, but she found swiftness to escape by transforming herself into a quail and then achieved unassailable strenght by becoming the sacred Island of Delos.


Ever since humans began clearing forests and tilling the earth to harvest its fecund gifts have we talked about the Mother who gives and takes life. Demeter is her name in the ancient Greek mythology, where she was goddess of agriculture and the bearer of the unwritten law of divine order.


Persephone, fruit of the dark earth, also named Kore is the daughter of Demeter. The fruit contains the essence of life, but the act of harvesting it involves a form of death when it is severed from the plant where it grew.


Hecate can be found at the crossroads, showing us the third way forward. She grants hidden knowledge and carries a flaming torch to illuminate the darkness of unknown paths. She possesses powers to affect change in places far beyond the here and now.


When all has failed and everything is over, the only thing that remains to do is to swallow the bitter taste of frustrated hopes and and start completely anew. Lethe is the goddess of oblivion and guardian of the underworld river of the same name.


The three Furies were created when Cronus castrated Ouranos, taking form from the blood that saturated the ground. Feared for their implacable and merciless demeanor, they are called forth from their dwelling in Tartarus to deliver swift and cruel retribution upon evildoers in the form of madness and wasting disease.


Tisiphone is the Fury who brings down retribution upon murderers, her name consisting of the Greek, “tisis,” meaning vengeance, and “phone,” meaning to murder. She reserved special cruelty for those who murdered a family member, an act that bore a unique abhorrence to the ancient Greek.


Megaera is “she who holds grudges,” and she is the Fury of jealousy and envy. The Furies would sing a harrowing and overwhelming song to paralyze their victims with feelings of intense guilt and remorse. In this manner, criminals and wrongdoers were castigated by exposure to their own guilt and fear.